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An Assemblance of Judicious Heretics

Wordsmithery is delighted to present the 54 writers and 51 artists collaborating nationwide on our lit-art project.

In our regular text-art collaboration we invite writers to submit short pieces on a theme, then artists interpret them in whatever medium they like. In 2020-21 our theme was 'A Tale of A Few Cities' to mark the 150th anniversary of Charles Dickens' death. 


We sent writing inspired by the famous quote "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." to artists anonymously and they interpreted the poems and stories in an incredibly diverse variety of forms. 

For 'A Tale Of A Few Cities', Medway-based literary organisation, Wordsmithery, has collaborated with our friends in the North: The Sunderland Indie and The Sunderland Festival of Creative Writing. Writers in the North of England's writing was interpreted by artists in the South of England; and writers in the South had their writing interpreted by Northern artists (for the most part, though sometimes we broke the rules, we are the heretics, after all!).

To see the individual collaborations click on the A Tale Of A Few Cities tab. To find out more about the artists and writers, click on the relevant tab. Much of the original art is available to buy. Please click here to download pricelist.


Throughout August 2021 - we will be holding a 'louche launch' - we will be uploading a new video of one of the writers reading their work, with the art that was inspired by it, on a daily basis. 

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The creation of this website was generously supported by HooNess.

© All writing and images remains copyright of the contributors.

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