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Back Green Controversy

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

IMAGE: A dress on a stand with an old fashioned iron to one side

Will you look at the gorgeous day?

Such a wonderful day for drying,

and I’ve got a mountain of washing

just panting for a breath of fresh air.

Well, I’d rather be at the seaside.

Hanging out smalls is not my idea

of a fun day out.

Ah, but isn’t it grand

to be able to look after your family?

I don’t know, I’d rather they looked after me,

selfish gits, each as bad as each other.

Now, I know you don’t really mean that.

Did he come home the worse for drink again?

No, I tell you, all this guff about motherhood,

over-rated if you ask me. I could get a dog,

it would be much less bother and more grateful.

Ah, but look at their sweet little faces

(no, don’t eat that), their funny little ways

I love my life now, this is the best of times.

Give me a gin in one hand, a fag in the other,

good company at the pub, a flirty man with

dark eyes telling jokes but looking at me,

restless hands stroking the top of his beer glass,

how can you compare snotty noses to that?

And the quick shag at the back with the bottles –

dribble on legs, did anyone see? Two minutes

of unfulfilled hope. How can you compare

kiddies’ kisses, little arms raised to hug you

goodnight, and a nice cup of cocoa, maybe

a cuddle on the sofa?

Well, perhaps it’s not so bad. They do need us so

and they’ll be teenagers so fast we’ll be

looking back on this, however boring and

unfulfilling, and think, she was right,

these are the best of times.


Artwork 'Sanctuary' by ANGELA SANDWITH

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