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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

IMAGE: Abstract interpretation of the text

It feels like Change,

Is coming.

Discontent Is in the air

And we swear

We will not Allow this

to happen, again.

Pretend, That we don’t

See injustice.

Watch as murderers,

Walk free.

You see,

We’re angry now.

And we need To be.

Because, with the world

At our fingertips

Our privelage Meant

We still didn’t learn.

And while some of us

Can see it now.

Others wear ignorance

Like their favourite coat.

Quote platitudes

And what abouts

Rather than listen.

Our system

Encourages that.

Because, a

Misinformed majority

Plays perfectly for

Men in ivory towers.

Their powers

Are not questioned

By minds whose eyes

Look elsewhere

For the problem.

The common enemy

Is a foreign enemy

Because we were taught

By their captors.

Those in victory

Write history

And it doesn’t matter

That they didn’t fight fair.

Statues fall at the feet

Of open minds

But so many

Haven’t found their key.

They’re hidden behind

The Queen,

And country leaders

Leave them there.

It feels like change,

Is coming.

Until they try

To fish statues

Out of water.

Stand in the path

Of progress

And make monkey noises.

This apple is rotten and

The poison runs deep.

It feels like change,

Is coming.

But history,

But history,

But history,

Is on repeat.

Writing by JAKE NATHAN


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