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Small Town Reivers

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

IMAGE: Photograph of a small statue of a man holding a banner saying 'Out scabs'

you small town reivers

you early school leavers

you pockets full of trouble

still mired in the rubble

you down it in one-ers

you heed tha ball gone-ers

you young barmaid hustlers

still sheep shagging rustlers

you artisan skivers

you pearl of life divers

you kissers in the alleyways

still destined to be want-aways

you sparkles of crud

you poor robin hoods

you picket line pixies

still rabbits with mixy

you polecats and stray cats

you dole cats no soul cats

you old men with fresh tats

still wondering where life’s at

you black diamond diggers

you government figures

you scallys you wags

still rollin the fags

you heart in the right place

you filchers with no grace

you carrier bag snuffers

still asthmatic puffers

you baggers of scree

you entering a plea

you nemesis of judges

still judge never budges

you committed to the cause

you blind in remorse

you skimming off taxes

still grinding the axes

you dirtbags of miners

you black-diamond shiners

you essence of life

still living the strife

you constant believers

you early school leavers

you winners you thievers

all hail! small town reivers

Written by JAMES OATES

Artwork by MAX KIMBER

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