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Medway Man's Big Night Out

IMAGE: An abstract interpretation of the text

Medway Man is ready

For a night out

On this bouncing Victorian borough

A swinging gait for him

As he pushes through swinging doors

Into any number of rub a dubs

He swings a pint up

Before swinging back out

And into a music hall

And yeah baby, swinging music too!

He’d feel a right Charlie Chaplin

To not make hay

While the Medway shines

But by and by

For this Medway guy

The shine dulls away

The babble of Bable fades

The ships furl their sails anew

And set off for distant

And far richer shores

All fades to grey now

For where once

He painted the town red

It’s been dialled down to monochrome

As he weaves his way home

Past the shut down docks

Past the silenced music halls

And barred up pubs and...

Past shuttered shops

He can’t buy much optimism

He can’t see it for sale anywhere

Despite those 10% proof glasses

But if he squints a wee bit harder

And sees through the grime

Casts his eyes up to a Cov blue sky

He’ll see this battered town

Start to stir and rise

Medway Man and the Medway Towns

Things might have been rocky

But play it nice and sly

And like a battered boxer

Rise for another round

Drinks are on you Medway Man!

Written by KNUCKLES


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