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Opening Lines

IMAGE: Three painted canvases, with a rainbow stretching between them

In the beginning, once upon,

a starting-up and switching-on

from the first to the next

the thence and come,

a cast of ways for worlds

and words to fall and rise,

and throw

a quill to write-it-out,

the inky smudge and test –

the outset’s nudge

and stride-out step

to capture that

plus all-the-rest, for

in the beginning, upon the line,

choices open out -

yet all of life’s a clichéd dream

to set a path or sum-it-up,

all truths a search of pen

with the best of times

or the worst of both to art the guile

and scream: aim the stone,

let go.

Written by SARAH TAIT


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