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tailor it to fit

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

IMAGE: 4 photographs of a face in bondage

every time I walk past this relationship// I think look at that derelict erection//

all boarded up and spray-painted // what a rotten shame//

it just needs a bit// of investment // some TLC // it’s so well built// it’s turn -of -the century//

I bet it just needs a new roof// or a re-wire lets re-wire //

the energy source// stop investing in// MenAreFromMars// fossil-fuels-Barclays

// this is a classic Revolution// this earth should be a listed// private property

every time I jet-jetison the airspace// breathe the blueblood of this special relationship//

in my easyDrone I think// if I leave it as it is // it will just crumble

I can build someone new in it’s place

is it past the point of saving?

did we make the right decision?

stop doublethinking yourself

this paperback is a flat pack wardrobe//

it went up ok, looked ok,// is everything going to be ok?

for three years// for an estimate of 4.54 billion years// since 1859 //since 1984

but it’s wedding-dress-on-order-from-China cheap// but it’s 4-wigs-from-the-

United-States-Of-Annus-Anus-Horribilis-for-49-dollars cheap//

but it’s zebu-steak-disposable-staff-at-Wetherspanners cheap

cheap cheap sings the canary in the green-spattered tower-room


Artwork  ‘Doublethink’ by RUTH PAYNE

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