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A thousand valves within me pour forth

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

IMAGE: Photo of an assemblage - a tray, quills, a piece of wood

when i imagine the chopping block

i stir my thoughts and piss blood,

it's modern day Gethsemane

but it's the Co Operative shop,

and consciousness

is finding ways to remain sane

without God

He's here but only in the

bible beneath my coffee table

I drink that in the morning

I tried to drink him this eve,

but it's

the dead eyed co op,

the crying street, the lost wife

the empty shops, the dead bloke

the pigeons, the humid dust

It's too much to write about

when you can't feel it all.


Artwork ‘The semiosis animist theology' 2020 by DEAN TURNBULL

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